Actors Workshop

Taught by Melvin Williams


·         Monologue / Scene Analysis

·         Character Development

·         Production

·         Improvisation

·         Leaving your "Comfort Zone"

·         Stage Acting

This is a 10 week intensive scene study class.
This course includes a showcase performance and DVD of the performance.
Class size is limited to 14 students only!!!

Scene Study

This course lays the theoretical basis for the actor. It uses the Meisner technique as a foundation to begin exploration of the creative process. In this 10 week course the actor will learn how to use the tools of his creativity to build character. He will learn subtext, intent, and purpose of characters. Actors will begin with the basic monologue and then progress to the extended scene. In the process, the actor will experience and develop a sense for rhythm, space, timing, and emotion. The course ends with a showcase presentation of scenes and selected monologues.


This course is for the actor ready to put up a full production. Actors will not only be responsible for the artistic aspect of of the production, but will be expected to work on the administrative side. Students will learn to promote, stage, design, and produce a full length production. This 10 week course will end with a week-end production.

Artistic Director

Mel Williams has been directing and training actors for the professional stage for over 40 years. His own training began in 1967 at The Neighborhood Playhouse where he trained under Sanford Meisner. The next year he interned with Lee Strasburg at The Actor's Studio. Over the years, Mel has acted and directed in numerous outstanding regional theaters in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.., Vermont, Boston, and New York City. Mel has directed scores of showcases and continues to teach two classes, SCENE STUDY and PRODUCTION, aimed at developing actors. He has coached some of the top talent in the business: Ti, KeKe Palmer, Queen Latifah, Common, Michael K. Williams, Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross, Dwight Howard, Jill Scott, and many more.

read The Lost Art of Acting written by the director.


Introductory acting class starting Saturday, May 7th 2016, 12-2pm.
Regular TFANG 10 week intensive scene study class with a showcase.
Contact us for more information.