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Freefall "A drama in 2 acts" by Charles Smith

directed by Mel Williams


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Sept. 11th - 28th 2013

Tue-Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 2pm and 8pm

Tickets $25 general admission

Drilling Co., 236 W. 78th Street (78th & Broadway) New York, NY 10024

Chicago, 1991: Life or death consequences loom as two estranged brothers, one an ex-con and one a desk cop, have an uneasy reunion on Chicago's South Side. Can the cop's wife reconcile them? A play of hope, family and how family unites.


Grant and Monk are brothers who took very different paths out of the neighborhood. Grant is a cop with a low-risk desk job; he is attempting to carve a nice niche for himself and his almost-estranged wife, Alex, in a middle class suburb. Monk, recently released from prison, has found faith through an unknown benefactor. Monk needs a place to live and searches for his mysterious benefactor. Lacking food, clothing, and shelter, he still possesses inspiration and the drive to strive for higher awareness. 
When Monk shows up on Grant and Alex's doorstep, all three are thrust into a confrontation which forces them to explore what it means to be family. Monk's ally of last resort is a drug lord named Spoon, who sets up a dangerous confrontation with lethal consequences. It's up to Grant's wife, Alex, to avert a freefall.


Jason Bond

as Grant

Milena Davila

as Alex

Omar Evans

as Spoon

Rosario Salvador

as Monk

Set design by Carl Tallent - Lighting design by Michael Cole - Costume design by Tinisha Smith


Off Off Broadway World

Theater for a New Generation will present "Freefall" by the highly celebrated Chicago playwright Charles Smith, directed by Mel Williams, at The Drilling Company Theatre, 238 West 78th Street, September 11 to 28. The play is a drama of two brothers who grew up in inner-city Chicago and have followed divergent paths into adulthood: one as a thief, the other as a policeman. (read more)


Reviews of Theater For A New Generation

From its production of "Corner Wars" by Tim Dowlin, directed by Mel Williams 
Newsday Oppenheimer Award, 2003
"Its depiction of street-corner culture, a strain of hip-hop that is fueled by testosterone competition, feels authentic and new to the stage." -- New York Times 
"This is an amazing production, of an amazing play." -- Chelsea Clinton News
"Mel Williams' staging is palpable from the opening moments." -- Backstage
"This is my first exposure to the work of Theatre for a New Generation, but it won't be my last. I salute them for putting up a show like this." --

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